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Customer Service: The Heart of Our Business!
“Quality, Integrity, Reliability”

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The one thing that sets Buckley’s apart from every other HVAC company in the greater Sacramento area is service. When you do business with Buckley’s you’ll never have to worry about a heating and air conditioning repair or installation job being performed on time or going over budget. Buckley’s will never perform maintenance you don’t need and will never install equipment that doesn’t improve your family’s comfort.

With over 30 years of service to residents of the Folsom/Roseville/Sacramento area, you know Buckley’s will be around to handle your HVAC service needs for years to come. The professionals from Buckley’s undergo continual training to stay on top of the latest heating and air conditioning technology and to make sure that all their technicians are fully qualified to serve you.

We’re More Than Heat & Air.  We’re Peace of Mind.

Owner talking with clients.

At Buckley Heat Air Solar, that’s more than just a saying. We’ve gone the extra mile to exceed HVAC industry standards. Our technicians have been trained and tested and have proven their knowledge in the HVAC business, including air conditioner repair and installation. Additionally, Buckley’s has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award, a rating attained by only 5% of the companies on Angie’s List. Keep in mind, the company is family owned and operated so a call to their Citrus Heights headquarters will quickly handle any concerns you might have.

Preventive Maintenance: The Key to Your HVAC Unit’s Lifespan

Technician working on unit.

The best way to keep your HVAC unit running at top efficiency and to prevent problems is to have your system professionally maintained on a regular basis. Buckley’s encourages a semi-annual maintenance regimen which means that your heating and air conditioning unit will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected twice a year. Buckley’s will check, clean and/or replace your filter (as is appropriate), check your thermostat for accuracy, and clean your condenser and housing. This includes checking for potentially life-threatening problems such as gas leaks or loose wiring connections.

Even the best maintained heating and air conditioning systems occasionally have problems which tend to reveal themselves most frequently during periods of extreme weather. In the Folsom/Roseville/Sacramento area that’s when temperatures approach or exceed 110-degrees or dip below freezing. Imagine what even a day or two in those kind of conditions without HVAC could be like. That’s why Buckley’s gives priority service to customers who participate in the recommended semi-annual maintenance regimen. When we arrive we know your unit inside and out it making it much easier for us to prepare for repairs that might be necessary due to your unique environmental needs.

Buckley Heat Air Solar 916-993-3449


Where Customer Service Is King

Not All HVAC Companies Are Created Equal

Buckley’s simply believes that no one ever regrets a quality purchase. World class service, high integrity business ethics and HVAC industry leading products have been combined to assure customers they’ve been making the right heating and air choice for more than three decades.      

Buckley’s stands ready to assist home owners in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado Counties whatever their HVAC needs are. Whether you’re thinking about upgrading for customer savings or just need a seasonal tune-up we’ve got you covered.

What Is Your SEER Rating?

If your heating and air conditioning unit was purchased before 2006, you may be wasting $300 or more in electricity every year. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and is a measurement of your HVAC unit’s electrical efficiency. Prior to 2006 the US Department of energy set 10 SEER units as a minimum standard. With new technology and a need to conserve, the bar has been raised to 13 meaning that today’s basic heating and air conditioning units are at least 30% better than the old units. Check your gas and electric bills and ask yourself how much money you might be saving if your heating and air conditioning costs were 30% less.

If you’re wondering whether it might be time to upgrade your existing heat and air system, click on the “Repair or Replace” link below.

… sooner or later

Every homeowner faces the question of whether to repair or replace their existing HVAC unit. It’s a daunting decision considering the cost of heat and air replacement. Taking into account a number of factors as a whole rather than dealing with each problem as it occurs will save you money in the long run. Let the professionals at Buckley’s help you simplify the decision making process.

How old is my HVAC unit?

Click here to find out what Energy Star says about when to replace.Age is only one of many factors used to determine your system’s useful lifespan. However, according to Energy Star, a voluntary program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if your system is more that 15 years-old you should seriously consider replacement. Click on the Energy Star logo for more.


How efficient is my unit?

HVAC products have enjoyed significant improvements in the last decade. Chances are you would see immediate savings on your monthly utility bill by upgrading your heating and air conditioning system. Even basic units that meet new minimum government standards are 30% more efficient than they were in 2005.

How much are my repair bills?

Other than regular servicing, your HVAC unit should be fairly reliable during its usable lifespan. However, once you start experiencing the need for air conditioner repairs of a couple hundred dollars or more, it’s probably time to consider replacement.

Does my current system still meet my needs?

Have you added on or changed the structure of your house in any way? An extra room or increasing the number of windows and doors may have increased your home’s need for improved heating and cooling.

Is my system still meeting my personal comfort factor?

Consider the intangible benefits of a new heating and air conditioning system. How long does it take for your house to heat up or cool down? Are there areas of your home that no longer seem to be heated or cooled properly? Has your old system become so noisy that it seems intrusive? Call Buckley’s today for a no-obligation in-home Total Comfort Evaluation:

Buckley Heat Air Solar 916-993-3449

1. Peace of Mind Technicians

All of our HVAC Technicians are background checked, drug tested, DMV checked and factory
trained for heating and air conditioning repair and installation.pom

2. No Hassle Guarantee

Rest assured we will secure all necessary permits, perform duct testing and charge verification, schedule your heat and air inspections and process your rebates and financing paperwork.  We know YOUR time is valuable, so we’ll devote 100% of our company’s resources to make your heating and air conditioning installation smooth and worry-free.

3. Home Protection Guarantee

We will protect your home during your HVAC installation using floor coverings and shoe covers. We will treat your home with the greatest respect.

4. Quality Install Guarantee

We will perform your HVAC installation with the highest degree of workmanship making sure your heating & air conditioning system functions not only at its best but also looks its best. Our company has a proven record of high quality installations per our customers and building inspectors. The best products deserve the best installations.

5. Bonded and Insured

We will show you our workers compensation (A1951-43-42), general liability  (CBP8791755) and auto liability (BA8791855) policies and also our contractors bond (545281C).

Fill out this form and we will contact you!

Welcome to the Buckley Solar Page

Get the Power

Every minute enough sunlight strikes the earth to power the entire planet for one year. With a Buckley Solar system you can harness that power for FREE. Imagine never again having to worry about increased rates, brown outs or power shortages. Isn’t it about time you cut the cord that makes you dependent on your power company?

Common Denominator

All this wonderful new technology has one thing in common; it uses electricity. Whether it’s an electric car or computer, whether it plugs into the wall or uses rechargeable batteries it needs electricity. And the demand is almost certain to keep going up. If you’re depending on fossil fuel or hydroelectric power, increased demand means decreased supply means higher prices means time to go GREEN.

Rebates, Rent or Own

Not all rebates are created equal and you may be entitled to more than one not to mention income tax credits. While leasing or renting a solar system may seem like an inexpensive way to get into solar power, in most cases you need to own to take advantage of these incentives. Not too worry. Buckley Heat Air Solar will walk you through all the options including financing. For a no-obligation estimate call us today. Find out for sure if solar makes sense for you.

Buckley Heat Air Solar 916-993-3449

Our Experts

  • Testimonial

    Kenny Randell

    Maintenance Technician

    About Kenny Randell

    Kenny is a bright and cheerful Maintenance Technician. He is always excited to meet customers and takes great pride in ensuring that your unit is well taken care of. With years of experience under his belt, he is always eager to learn more and work harder to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied. His love for figuring out problems may explain his passion for solving all customer service needs.

  • Testimonial

    The Buckleys


    About The Buckleys

    Since 1977, owners Brian & Karen Buckley have been committed to providing the Sacramento Area with top notch heating, cooling and now solar products, installation & service. Their success is attributed literally to generations of loyal, satisfied customers in the Sacramento area. Brian’s HVAC product knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction are unsurpassed. He would rather walk away from a sale than sell someone something they don’t need.

  • Testimonial

    Jake Buckley

    Operations Manager

    About Jake Buckley

    Jake has grown up in the heating and air business. Jake is a factory trained and certified HVAC installer. He has a passion for quality work and makes it a point to listen to customer concerns. He leads a team of installers serving the Folsom, Roseville, Sacramento area that are completely dedicated to your comfort needs. Jake also oversees customer satisfaction and knows who’s boss… you, the customer.

  • Testimonial

    John Buckley

    Service Manager

    About John Buckley

    John is an HVAC and solar evangelist. He loves talking about his craft. He was pretty much brought up in the trade and has more or less seen it all. The other thing John likes to do is listen. He gets all your information dialed in before he makes a recommendation. That’s why John is our DIY video spokesperson. John has lived in the Sacramento area virtually all his life. He has two kids that he’s crazy about!

  • Testimonial

    Lori Morin

    Maintenance Coordinator

    About Lori Morin

    Chances are you’re going to love your Buckley’s installation. Love it or not you can expect a customer care follow-up call from Lori Morin. It’s all part of our Satisfaction Guarantee. Lori also coordinates all of our regular maintenance calls. And that includes working Saturdays. When Lori is not on the job she enjoys spending time with family (three sons and a “grand-baby”), working out and reading.

  • Testimonial

    Matt Hooten

    Lead Installer

    About Matt Hooten

    Matt brings over a decade of experience as an installer in the heating and air industry to the Buckley Heat Air and Solar team. Plus Matt grew up in a customer service environment since his parents have owned retail establishments most of his life.

  • Testimonial

    Chris Braden

    Service Technician

    About Chris Braden

    Chris brings tons of heating and air experience to Buckley’s. He originally leaped into the field in 2001 when he started in an apprenticeship program. He’s been in the business ever since and loving it. Chris has an eye for detail and is extremely thorough in diagnosing any heat or air conditioning emergencies you may have.

Our Customers

  • Testimonial

    My customers loved the work they did.

    Steve Braford, General Contractor for Sacramento's Rotary House

    "They came out to the Rotary House. Did the plans.  Installed the heating and air conditioning. It was great!  I'm a general contractor.  They've done several jobs for me and it's always been good and my customers have been satisfied."

  • Testimonial

    We’ve raved about them to our neighbors and will continue to do so.

    Ford Larsen and Connie Rose,

    "I would tell my friends that it is a local business, that is professional, efficient, cost effective, responsive and I would heartily recommend them for any heating, air conditioning, solar project my neighbors might be anticipating."

  • Testimonial

    I highly recommend them and I like the service that they give us.

    Hazel Lew, Buckley Customer for over 35 years

    "I think I liked the fact that they sent out the same crew all the time.  We didn't have one crew come in on one day and then another crew coming in the next day.  I think that means a lot."

  • Testimonial

    Their price was reasonable and their presentation was professional.

    Herb and Jane Hereth, Long Time Buckley Customers

    "They DO offer piece of mind! We don't worry whether the equipment is going to fail. I know that they will come out and do their maintenance and I know they will keep it up to snuff.  We're so confident of them that we recommend them to other people because of their professionalism and maintenance."

Buckley Heat Air Solar
5990 Devecchi Ave
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Email: servicedesk@BuckleyHeatAirSolar.com
Phone: 916-993-3449
Fax: 916-348-3184
Lic. # 558980

Phone: 916-993-3449 ext 200

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Mon-Fri 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST
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Family Run, Family Values

    “Our family business began in the summer of 1977. We were young. Starting a business along with a family were our goals for the year.  Hard work, long hours and family support brought our goals to fruition. Four kids later, with a grown up family and a growing business, we were ready to ramp up our operations and buy our business property.  Thanksgiving of 1994 we became the proud owners of 5990 Devecchi Ave.

       In 1998 we purchased Parnell Heating and Air Conditioning.  We continued to grow our customer base but never lost sight of our main goal; keeping families comfortable.

      As our family grew it opened the door for our two sons to get more involved with our business. With both sons working alongside their dad, we recently decided to update our business name and logo.  We are now Buckley Heat Air Solar. But one thing has never changed; we’re still focused on keeping the customer satisfied. Your Peace of Mind is not only our motto, it’s our only concern.”

~Karen Buckley

MISSION STATEMENT We provide the BEST customer service by exceeding our customers’ expectations & promising 100% satisfaction to guarantee Peace of Mind.

Our Story